Gym Studio

Fitness center

To create a web-application for a fitness-clubs chain. The service should inform users about club news and online individual training booking.
2 months
Initial data
Product vision
Project members
1 Backend Developer, 2 Frontend Developers, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Business-analyst, 1 Project Manager

Nowaday lots of people want to keep fit. Fitness-clubs, yoga, swimming are one of few activities that attract the inhabitants of big cities. They come there to strengthen the mind and body.

The customer of the project is a fitness-clubs chain that caters for the upper class clients. Time has high value for this group of clients. This concept influenced our vision of the service. We expect it being user-friendly and stylish.


Lotasoft company has already worked on the similar services. It helped us to introduce best practices and expertise, so that the estimation period was not time-consuming.

There was the only functionality that required a detailed discussion. It was news display process and mass media notes section. The customer and our business analyst made the decision of creating a new section. In the section clients could moderate topics of publications to their interest by themselves.

Our designer got the responsibility for creating sports-theme interface. It was supposed to have elements associated with luxury as well. The server should contain images that prove high quality of the services offered by the fitness-center.


The development took moderate time due to a detailed documentation made up by our business analyst. This enabled us to divide the process into iterations. Each iteration lasted for 2 weeks. After the periods we demonstrated current demo versions to the customer. The advantage for the customer was a flexible control over the process. The advantage for the developers was setting release time limits more precisely.

It is notable that quality assurance engineer tested the service before sending a demo-version to the client. It helped us to reduce the amount of flows in the final product.


Taking into consideration a large amount of similar services, our primary focus was a high-quality design. Our design pointed out softly the chain’s orientation to the upper class clients. This helped to rank customers from the start. The following functionality release resulted in 25% increase of individual training booking.

Clever design and attractive navigation makes the client get an impression that quality and comfort are the highest priorities of the fitness center.