Addons and Maps downloader for Minecraft PE

To create an application which helps Minecraft Pocket Edition users add new resources to the game.
Think how to monetize the application
1 month
Initial data
Product vision
Project members
1 iOS Developer, 1 Android Developer 1 Backend Developer 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
- More than 6000 app downloads for both platforms
- Stable money income for satisfied customer
- New contract for additional features implementation

The customer is an individual - he has a vision of application and a big pack of add-ons to the Minecraft PE: maps, textures, skins etc. Our developers worked by 5-days iterations: the customer could monitor the progress of development and testing, control the timing of the work as well as participate in daily meetups and offer adjustments while it. The main issue was how to monetize given resources - Lotasoft created 3 ways to get money from it. After research we have approved Interstitial/full-screen ads: every time when user a wants to download and install new map or skin for Minecraft - the video of the ad is showing.

The implemented functionality
which initiated the increase in sales
Interstitial/full-screen ads – These ads are usually placed at natural pause points, like when moving between menus. Because these aren’t actually interrupting the experience of using your app, they’re more likely to generate clicks without causing frustration.
Sharing resources to Facebook / Vkontakte - helps to popularize the application.
Downloading additional Texture resources that user can implement to their existing maps or into default folders.
The User can set custom skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition game.