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    An App to Find Electric Car Charging Stations

    Lotasoft created the service, an amazing mobile application that allows users in Western Europe to find electric car charging stations with relative ease.

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    I. Client

    We designed a mobile application for a software company based in Hungary and the Czech Republic. The client’s goal was to build an application that would facilitate how customers find electric filling stations to charge their cars and other devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, and power banks.

    II. Idea

    With dwindling raw materials and a growing awareness of global warming, more people are turning to eco-friendly lifestyles. The number of electric vehicles (EV) on the road is on the rise, and China alone is expected to have nearly five million electric cars by the year 2025. One of the biggest problems with EVs is finding a gas station where cars can be charged. Even though electric charging stations are popping up everywhere, people still need a stress-free way of finding them. Many owners of EVs want a find electric car charging stations app that they can download on their phones. 

    To solve this problem, our client came up with the idea to develop an app to find electric car charging stations. But due to their lack of expert designers and engineers, they had some difficulties starting the project. That was where Lotasoft came in, bringing fresh ideas and new ways of implementing the desired features.

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    III. Implementation

    When the client approached us, they already had a painted prototype which they weren’t able to bring to life. Although the idea was good, many technical details for proper application functioning were missing. Our designer worked with the client over a few days to solve crucial issues. As a result, they agreed on a final prototype.

    With an adjusted prototype, the designer started working on several versions of the design to make it functional as well as include all client’s requests, such as desired icons and color schemes. The client approved the design, so we went to work on the development of the app to find charging stations.

    Because we worked diligently, the iOS application was ready two weeks ahead of schedule. So we were able to test the basic functionality on this platform to prevent recurring debugging on Android. This way we saved time and budget for the whole project.

    Throughout our work process, we stayed in touch with the client to make sure all the requested features were included in the application. The project manager communicated with the client daily, and we had a weekly rally to discuss and sum up our results. Before starting the project, the client invited our CTO and CEO to the main office. This allowed our team to better understand the project in the early stages.

    IV. Product

    The application we created makes it easier to find electric stations to charge cars and mobile devices. We developed the following:

    • Backend
    • Android application
    • iOS application
    • Admin Panel

    The Service allows users to find the nearest charging station and book a charging spot. Users can also share their experiences with others.

    The biggest challenge we faced was finding a smart way of synchronizing the charging stations with the backend. But with the help of our talented backend developer, we were able to easily complete this task.

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    Our teamwork and professional skills resulted in a useful application which many people already enjoy using. Our developers paid attention to each detail and, at the same time, we did not exceed the planned project budget. This way the project was cost-effective for the client and lots of users find EV charging stations app helpful.

    With good UX and our client-centered approach, we were able to build an app to find EV charging stations and made it into a service that users love. The app was launched in the Western European region with much success — it is used by more than 1,000 people in Europe every month and this number is expected to keep rising in the coming months as users find it extremely helpful.

    Our team who helped to create an app to find electric vehicle charging stations included:

    • 1 Project Manager 👨‍💼
    • 2 QA 🧪
    • 1 Android Developer 👩🏻‍💻
    • 1 Backend Developer 👨🏼‍💻
    • 1 UX/UI Designer 🎨

    We have more than five years of experience in software development working on several projects in various industries. Our team creates useful mobile applications and digital solutions that help clients overcome any challenges they may be facing.






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