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    Google’s Top-rated On-demand Cleaning Service in Australia

    Lotasoft created a one-of-a-kind platform with local house cleaning services that helps people find cleaners in their area and get a sparkly clean and tidy home.

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    I. Client

    Before reaching to us client’s company had been providing cleaning services to people in a specific region in Australia. Our team was asked to estimate the project to digitize the offline business and make house cleaning website design to help clients spread their services throughout Australia.

    The product that was put forward helped the client get customers from various other cities and states, and has helped increase their business profit by a high margin as well as get other additional benefits. The platform also offers the local house cleaning services ‘near me’, if any customers need help in their area.

    II. Idea

    Cleaning your own home is not that easy job, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. The platform we developed helps busy people and understands the specifics — as well as the needs — of the customers. The online on-demand cleaning service provides excellent cleaners who can become your regular go-to specialists.

    When we were creating the platform, the business was limited to only the hometown where the client’s service was located and they wanted to upscale the business to a countrywide service. The client needed help to reach to the other side of Australia by using digital means.

    The client’s company did not have any strong internet presence and therefore it was a challenging task to start everything from scratch. Lotasoft created an MVP that was immediately liked by the client and full-time employees were hired to support the on-demand house cleaning project.

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    III. Implementation

    We came to digitize the client’s business since they already had an existing offline business. We worked from scratch on the on-demand home cleaning platform development, and after listening to their ideas, we built a prototype. This prototype served as the basis of the final product.

    The prototype was an immediate success and the client was excited to get the product, which was designed and delivered on time. The website went on to get very popular and currently shows up as one of the first websites in Google search results with quite good ratings in Australia.

    IV. Product

    Lotasoft provided the back-end, front-end, and admin panel services for the on-demand cleaning services website — the triad which is required for any successful online business. We also helped our client to reduce the project development budget by using the reservation system that was previously developed by us for another project and slightly modified to meet the client’s needs.

    We also came out with an idea that the client did not even think of in the first place. We added a recruiting section to the website and it helped the client save money they were spending on talent acquisition and HR salaries. Other features and functions that were added:

    • Cleaner profiles — all cleaners in the company have been given ratings and reviews based on which clients can choose a crew member.
    • Automatic choosing — even if the client doesn’t have time to choose and look through various cleaners, the platform will choose a member as per the internal ratings.
    • Verified cleaners — all the cleaners who are a part of the platform go through a strict inspection and verification process to make sure users don’t get any fake encounters.
    • Talk to the cleaner — for those people who are particular and extremely concerned about the cleaning they can message a cleaner to clear out any cloud of doubt regarding this particular person.
    • Price at one click — there is no need of asking thousands of people for cleaner recommendations or asking for the price to compare as we introduced a comparable price feature. It was made to ensure that once a customer has found a cleaner, they get the kind of service they needed.
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    With a huge team that included a project management expert 👨‍💼, front-end and back-end developers 👩🏻‍💻, UX/UI designer 🎨, and quality assurance expert 🧪, Lotasoft worked productively to fulfill the client’s need. The following are the results of our work:

    • New customers — within a few days, 125 new customers became a part of the client’s platform and fell in love with the cleaning services and the convenience the platform offered.
    • Increased returns — the introduction of offline services to the web helped our client increase revenue by 7.2%. They expect to cover all the expenses in less than 2.5 years.
    • Better cleaners — the automation helped the company get better cleaners day by day because of the ratings and reviews. It helps in sorting the cleaners for a specific kind of work.
    • Save on HR services — the website includes recruiting features which help in proper employment of cleaners in other cities so the client doesn’t have to pay for HR services.





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