IoT-Connected Mobile App for Horse Race Viewers and Bettors

    Lotasoft built a cross-platform IoT app that engages equestrian sports fans with real-time hippodrome data.

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    I. Client

    An equestrian sports center in Abu Dhabi, Emirates International Endurance Village has been organizing spectacular horse races since 2004. Training programs at this center have been conducted under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Emirates Heritage Club and Representative of the UAE’s President.

    The equestrian sports center was running the IoT hardware for horse performance tracking. To complete their IoT infrastructure and boost audience engagement, they were missing a user-friendly mobile interface for spectators and bettors that would connect the data with their clients’ devices.

    II. Idea

    As IoT is becoming increasingly popular, businesses who harness the trend gain a significant competitive advantage. Racing business lives on passion, sporting drama, and betting fervor. It is no surprise that an equestrian center offering the most comprehensive live data on a race wins over competitors. IoT is a technology that can collect, analyze and present this data.

    With that in mind, EIEV leveraged hardware that could monitor the performance of a particular horse. The next step was to visualize the collected data, including the horse live speed, position, stats, and results for customers and provide them with a relevant top-notch mobile experience.

    This is where Lotasoft pitched in by developing a cross-platform iOS and Android app after our past clients referred Lotasoft as the best match for this task. Our expertise in React Native was also a decisive factor as this proved we could beat similar cross-platform apps on the horse-racing market.

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    III. Implementation

    We utilized React Native to build a cross-platform IoT app that would work on both iOS and Android, as requested by the client. Also developed by Lotasoft, the backend speaks with EIEV’s FTP server to pull the data from trackers mounted on horses. This data is stored and further processed for display within the app interface.

    The EIEV app boasts all the features that the client was looking for, which include:

    • Parsing of data from the FTP server
    • Data processing and visualization for display
    • Image uploads on the FTP server for further display
    • Real-time display of data from trackers, such as a horse’s speed, pulse and time;
    • Past race stats, results, and analytics available for users
    • Subscriptions for updates and notifications on a particular jockey or race
    • Past race stats management from the admin panel

    The application is designed in two variations: the left-to-right English version and right-to-left display in Arabic.

    IV. Product

    As EIEV approached Lotasoft, we were new to the horse racing industry (which didn’t, however, keep us from delivering on the product features as requested). Thanks to the comprehensive documentation provided by the client, daily communication, and Lotasoft’s team sticking to the Scrum model, we met rather tight deadlines of under 3 months and released the functional app before the next racing season kicked off.

    The equestrian center has the capacity of 1,500 spectators, which means high server loads during a race when every spectator is using the app. For this reason, we optimized computations so that the backend could process heavy data. Our team also audited the client’s tracking system and improved it for more accurate performance.

    As horse races only take place on Saturdays, one of our team members would be on duty to monitor the app performance in real-time despite the day-off.

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    Thanks to the Agile development model, we delivered the features promptly and sticking to well-timed milestones. This allowed the client to have an early picture of the app in progress, plan ahead and even start their advertising campaign before the official rollout.

    EIEV reports a tangible boost in their race audience numbers since the app launch. We have worked together for more than a year now, which proves to us that our contribution is valuable to the client.








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