• Mubarah

    Grant-Winning Mobile Sports App for Amateur Teams

    Lotasoft built a mobile app helping amateur soccer teams connect with each other and coordinate matches and tournaments.

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    I. Client

    Mubarah is a sports startup founded by a group of college students from Abu Dhabi. They approached Lotasoft to build a mobile app that would help amateur soccer teams self-coordinate and keep track of their matches.

    The MVP we created has won Mubarah a government grant for developing a commercial product with us.

    II. Idea

    Coordinating matches is often a challenge for amateur sports teams. It is not easy for two groups of people who play in their spare time to agree on the date, hour and field. The Mubarah founders came up with an idea of a mobile app to solve this problem.

    However, there was nothing but a raw concept in this startup’s early days. Lotasoft played a major role in sorting out the technical implementation and features of the product.

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    III. Implementation

    The startup approached us after a disastrous experience with their first overseas vendor. We had to start from the ground up.

    At the time, the founders had a great general concept, yet particular technical details were to be worked out. We helped them answer several specific questions about the product at the pre-sale stage and quickly built an MVP that eventually brought them a public grant from the government in support of young entrepreneurs.

    Lotasoft worked extremely close with the client. Our project manager would get in touch with them on a daily basis to make sure we were on the same page. This is where the Scrum model we adopted proved very useful.

    IV. Product

    The iOS app, that we have built on ReactNative, is an ultimate amateur sports team coordination tool. It achieves its mission through the following features:

    • Team captain profiles: Soccer team captains can create and customize their profiles, which includes the number of team members, preferred hours and days to play, team location, fields nearby, and more.
    • Phone verification: New captains are required to verify their phone numbers via SMS during registration. This prevents fake accounts, allows for easy access recovery and generally increases the app stability.
    • Match statistics: Captain profiles feature match statistics of their teams. Thanks to that, users can arrange full-fledged tournaments with league tables.
    • Captain chat: Captains can easily contact each other and discuss match details.
    • Notifications keep team captains updated on matches and tournaments.
    • Match coordination: Users are provided with a set of tools to coordinate details between teams and organize matches.

    The Mubarah iOS app is unique in that it supports two very different languages: English that reads from left to right and Arabic that reads right to left. We adjusted the whole visual structure accordingly for the correct content display.

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    Coming up as both tech consultants and programmers, we have built an innovative startup product that satisfied the client’s requirements and met their expectations. At the same time, the project was delivered within the budget and time estimates which was important as the startup was taking part in the government funding competition.

    Once the app was launched on the App Store, the number of downloads soared and soon grew past the client’s goals making them consider expanding the app to more types of sports games.







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