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    American Online Personal Trainer Marketplace to Work Out Wherever and Whenever You Want

    Lotasoft developed an incredible online marketplace where anyone can find a personal fitness trainer near them.

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    I. Client

    US-based fitness coach and entrepreneur reached out to our team to help develop a personal trainer online marketplace where Americans who are in need of a personal coach could easily find them online. Another side of the idea was to help fitness trainers find people who are looking for fitness services.

    The MVP we created had everything that the US audience needed. A proper review system and rating of trainers were done based on the kind of training they offer. That made this online marketplace successful within a short time.

    II. Idea

    Getting a personal trainer who understands you ain’t easy. It’s also difficult for trainers to find clients outside of gyms and fitness centers, which often have expensive and inflexible membership systems. The client’s idea was to connect people all over the country and allow everyone to get fit easily.

    The client asked us to create an aggregator where a user can agree, pay, and schedule a personal or group training session anytime just by using a single service. This product was designed and developed from the ground up by Lotasoft and delivered to the client on time.

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    III. Implementation

    We are proud to have been recognized by the client as one of the most skillful experts with a vast range of development capabilities. We’ve been in constant communication to make sure our ideas and solutions match with the client’s needs and work in the best way possible. We got out all the specifics that we needed by asking detailed questions. After checking all the requirements, we made an MVP. We had been working using a linear project management model (Scrum), getting the requirements, providing the best design, development, testing, and deployment of the ready product.

    IV. Product

    The online marketplace for personal trainers we developed got an overwhelming response from users, but at the very beginning, the number of trainers was not high enough to cover the demand. Later on, this issue was successfully solved. Following are some of the features we worked on:

    • Quick quiz — the website has a short quiz that helps to select a trainer that matches customer needs in the best way possible.
    • Verified Trainers — once registered, trainers go through a strict verification process. Everything is under scrutiny, from their phone number to their fitness training certificates.
    • Trainer near you — the best thing about the online platform we developed is that the user can find a trainer in their area and can choose to train at home, the gym, or outdoors.
    • Secure payments — the payment gateway on the website is highly secure and easy. After you choose a trainer and pick a time, you can pay securely using the website and start your journey to get fit.
    • Reviews and ratings — after the first session, the user might decide to continue or not. In case, the person didn’t like the training session, they can get their money back. Also, the trainers are always getting reviews and ratings which are quite important for the US audience.
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    The result of our work and dedication was fruitful. The client liked how the online marketplace development work has been handled. It was one of the hardest projects to complete within tight deadlines, which was still done on time. Following are some of the stats to demonstrate the results of the work:

    • 5 stars — the platform has 93% of its reviews at 5 stars because of the great optimization, ease of use, reliability, and convenience it provides.
    • Trainers and user base continues to grow — when the product was launched, around 200 trainers joined the platform, and within the first month about 1,450 people across eight US states started to use the platform we developed.

    We were able to finish the development of the online marketplace for fitness trainers including a website front-end and back-end sides on time and within the client’s budget. The team included two QA experts🧪, two front-end developers 👨🏼‍💻, one back-end developer 👩🏻‍💻, one UX/UI designer 🎨, and a PM 👨‍💼 who was in constant contact with the client starting from the planning stage till product deployment.






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