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    MVP For a Free Vet Advice App That Helps to Save Users’ Time and Money

    Lotasoft created an MVP for a vet healthcare app that quickly raised 85,000 pounds of investments, which allowed the client to start the product's full development.

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    I. Client

    A British client came to us with an amazing concept for an app that offers people free advice from professional veterinarians in their area. Apart from consultation, users can get an idea if their pet is seriously ill or not. Users can also get a list of tests that should be done if any are necessary.

    II. Idea

    Vet visits can be an expensive service, and it’s not always easy to get an appointment. You will usually end up spending lots of money and time at regular vet hospital visits. The app lets you overcome all these problems. Users can connect with nearby veterinarians and get online consultations. Additionally, you may be advised about any tests or emergency medication that should be administered to your pet.

    The client came to us with a ready UX design and asked to develop an MVP that could be tested live. We reviewed the design and, based on recommendations, we put together a final design. The client liked our ideas, and after introducing all updates regarding the UX, an MVP was developed for the vet health care app project.

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    Pets App
    Pets App
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    III. Implementation

    Since we had some experience in creating healthcare-related products before, this project was no challenge to us. After making all the UX changes, the final design of the product was agreed on with the client. Thanks to the prompt MVP development held by our team, the client was able to raise 85,000 pounds in investments and hire an in-house team to carry out the full product development cycle. We also helped them save their money by introducing some of our ideas from our previous projects which had gone unused.

    Pets App
    IV. Product

    Not only does the free vet advice app help pet owners, but veterinarians as well. The question and answer sections were crafted carefully by an experienced veterinarian, so the answers offered by the app are always quite accurate. Some of the other features that this product has today are:

    • Vet-authored tips — you can be in contact with licensed veterinarians 24/7. The vet-authored content has been used meticulously in the final product.
    • Local vet centers — the app gives you a list of nearby centers that can help you in case the problem is serious. This feature can be helpful for vet centers that want to bring in new customers.
    • Expert advice — users can get advice from certified veterinarians in the app. This helps to build trust among users. Useful information that can save your pet’s life has been provided by US experts.
    • FAQ — this includes questions that pet owners ask frequently. The best thing about the app is that answers have been provided by veterinarians. You may also ask a vet a question online for free and get accurate answers.
    • Urgent medical help — in serious cases of poisoning or falling, immediate diagnosis and emergency help from experts can be accessed within a few seconds.
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    As a result of our hard work and experience, we achieved all of our goals on time. A great MVP for an Android app for online vet help was ready with a stunning UX design.

    Six experts — including two quality assurance professionals 🧪, one project manager 👨‍💼, one frontend developer 👨🏼‍💻, one backend developer 👩🏻‍💻, and one UX/UI designer 🎨 — worked using a scrum model to bring out a powerful design to this MVP project. With experience in 20+ projects, this project was especially fun to work on. We are glad that the client was fully satisfied with the results they got from this cooperation.






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