Application for shopping

To increase sales of clothing shop by means of iOS application, to develop loyalty and build up a client-company image
2 months
Initial data
Product vision
Project members
2 iOS Developers, 1 Backend Developer, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Business-analyst, 1 Project Manager, 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
9.7% increase in sales
Preliminary analysis of the corresponding applications market revealed at least three similar competitive applications in the customer’s location. At the stage of technical task development, our business analyst identified the advantages and disadvantages of the existing applications, described the main functions of the future application, made an agreement with the customer upon functionality and documented all the requirements. What merits attention in this particular development process case is the changes of the requirements from the client’s side, which, by no means, affected the successful release of the application.

Software development and testing were held interactively by Scrum methodology: on daily basis, Project Manager informed the customer about the degree of completion and the time taken for the required function implementation. In spite of the changes of the technical task from the client company's side, the completed application was released in the time-limits specified during the estimation.

After technical task development phase, the designer of Lotasoft company created 3 variants of the application design, either of which varies in its color design, a behavioral feature on the screen and application usage options. At this point, the successful collaboration of the business analyst and the designer working in constant interaction with the customer for the final decision-making, determined the future view of application - convenient, stylish and harmonious.

The implemented functionality
which initiated the increase in sales
Bonus for installation – the client-company offers 10% discount on goods purchasing for installing the applications and registration
Loyalty program for registered active users - if the user orders 5 or more items, the client gets the item (with the cheapest price) for free.
Push-notification, according to marketing surveys, motivates the user to return to the application as frequently as twice. The decision was made upon using the instrument for the following cases:
-    User notifications about unpaid items in the shopping basket
-    User notifications about current sales and discounts
-    User notifications about his/her close location to the store
"Application + site" bundle. The company’s website is able to attract traffic through search engines. By switching users from the site to the mobile application, the company continues to engage with the potential customer as the user is not able to leave it by closing the browser page only.
In other words, when a customer visits a company's website, s/he can easily leave it ceasing the interacting with the business. It is when the site transfers the client into the application that the customer relations start to build up. Such a "site + application" bundle provides double benefits for a company.