Vegetarian store

Food delivery

To create a web-application for vegetarian food order and delivery. The main goal is to develop a service for individual meal planning by nutrition experts. After this the dishes get prepared and delivered to the client.
4 months
Initial data
Product vision
Project members
2 Backend Developers, 2 Frontend Developers, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 Business-analyst, 1 Project Manager, 1 Quality Assurance Engineer

Nowadays the demand for vegetarian food and healthy way of life is higher than ever. More and more people keep to a balanced diet. It’s not only a modern trend, but also what makes us look youthful and fresh.

Our client contacted us with the idea of creating a vegetarian delivery service by subscription. The web-service allows vegetarians to plan a menu for the whole week from the available dishes. The user can order the dishes and forget about cooking. Moreover, the web-service has a competitive advantage. It offers free online consultations with nutrition experts.


It is important to note that our Business Analyst is a fan of vegetarian food as well. He found common language with the customer easily and drew his attention to separate aspects. Their well-coordinated work allowed to formulate and analyse the documentation in the shortest term.

Our designer made up a colour scheme associated with a healthy way of life as one of the customer’s requirements. The designer offered 3 variants colour schemes. He suggested ideas about colour perception of the service. This helped us to avoid mistakes at an early stage.


The Customer approved the technical requirements. We started architecture design and web-application development. Software development and testing were held interactively by Scrum methodology. Project manager notified the customer about the degree of completion and the time taken for the required function implementation. It was done on daily basis. Despite the technical task changes from the client-company’s side the application was released in the time-limits specified during the estimation.

During the process we faced a technical problem, which affected the correct meal order. Unfortunately, the bug was found after the basic functionality was implemented. We fixed the bug within the estimated time-limits. This was successfully performed due to the correctly designed architecture of the web-service.

Teamwork and risk-adjusted estimation helped us to design and develop the product exactly to the customer’s demands.
- Intuitive UX-design simplified orientation on the website. This won the users’ hearts.
- Subscription and individual menu composition increased sales in 19%.
- The rating of dishes helped to understand the clients’ needs. The research was based on their feedback.